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1.We are sure to be under the threat due to demand for energy increases by 2% annualy. In the process of getting energy we burn fossil fuels which emits toxic substances which result in water, air, soil pollution as well as irreversible climate change. To respond global warming we should get energy out with no carbon emissions or use CCS scheme for dumping waste. Scientists found alternitive sources of energy which reduce our carbon footprint. They are wind power, solar power and tidal wave power. Offshore wind farms are wide-spread but they appear to be to expensive. That is why scientists are making research for CCS scheme. They found out that it may lead to an environmental catastrophe because of storing CO2 in the soil which prevents absolutely vital liquids from leaking to the surface.

 2. How to protect our natural habitat and non-renewable resources?
Long time ago we live in the wild like any other animal depending on the Sun. But nowadays there appeared one daunting task "How to feed 10 billion people without causing yet more damage?" Our actions resulted in dire consequences. Temperatures soar above the average, we feel searing heat and constantly changing weather patterns. To prevent greenhouse effect, acid rains, forest fires and other catastrophes scientists should decarbonize their supply chains. Otherwise, it would turn into eco-disaster.

Needless to say that everybody feels thrilled to bits when it comes to going on a trip. It may be a round, long or even one day trip. Nevertheless, it doesn't matter because you are captivated by the expectations of smooth flight, smart hotel, going sightseeing along the cobbled streets of vibrant city and soaking up the atmosphere of remarkably diverse culture. But some people look forward to something more and are fond of going on excursions to sites of death, brutality and terror. It is being called "dark tourism". I loathe this type of tourism. It seems to be morally wrong to be fascinated with other deathes and cashing in on somebody's sufferings. "Dark tourism" got accustomed to out lives long ago when medieval execution turned out to be an early form of "dark tourism". It may offer a unique experience in case you're keen on history. However, you should remember it is not a place to take a selfie, buying  souvenirs and chilling out.

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The “Recreation” appears to be the latest news. Actually, it was held in the full glare of publicity considering anchors, journalists, reporters as well as eager students who won the praise for their efforts. Moreover, the rector of the Ostrog Academy spoke highly of all participants that were nominated for different achievements.

The breaking news about “Recreation” hit the headlines of local magazines and attract attention of all students. Having made an opinion poll, I got to know that every competitor has enjoyed the success of this event which has a significant impact on students’ lives. Actually, we should heap praise on that people who organize it.

Now I’m going to tell you about in-depth interview with one of the  participant - Anna Melnyk. She stayed clearly that this competition demands lots of efforts and energy and shows her strongly disapproval of that fact that competitors were judged wrongly. After “Recreation” she confessed that this event gave birth to trying other kinds of sports. Thank you, Ann, for not being economical with the truth.

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As you have might guess, this blogpost will tell you about the historic figure , Jonathan Latterman, the person who made some useful contributions to winning the Civil War. Actually, I want you to enjoy the fruits of his hard work.
When the Civil War had been declared, he thought that his knowledge came in useful for soldiers and he joined the army. Soon he won the respect and was named the medical director of the entire army. Upon his first assignment, he recognized that soldiers were suffering from the consequences of this all-out war having confusion and other diseases. His hopes were dashed. However, his assistants helped him to face these consequences and minimize their impact on soldiers. So, he made some breakthrough achievements.

He understood that success is guaranteed after developing 3-stage process for teaching soldiers. Then he establish an ambulance corps to pick up the wounded and bring them to hospital. Under his command, medical personnel were able to remove all wounded Union troops from the field within 24 hours, saving thousands of lives. So, he brought out the best in the war.


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Healthy lifestyle is the widespread phraze that appears everywhere. Why is it so? Perhaps people decided to develop their discipline and get rid of sedentary lifestyle or they have second thoughts about the necessity of healthy eating?
Actually, people are used to eating junk food with different food additives not thinking through the consequences that can cause heart disease or obesity. That’s why they should have a burning desire to change their eating habits.
If you are arrived at the decision to live a healthy lifestyle having a healthy appetite, so consider all options below:
1.       Don’t forget to eat organic food that is rich in vitamins and you will fill yourself up with energy all days long.
2.       Don’t forget to start your morning with hearty breakfast such as cereal, this way you will not be dying of hunger.
3.       Try to take vigorous or follow a fitness program in order to be in good shape and loose weight as well as develop your endurance.
Take these pieces of advise and you will never suffer from overeating or overweighting.

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Are you sick of searching a rewarding job? Are you out of work and willing to apply for a high-powered one? You are welcome to attend an interview and fill in application form in order to be taken on by our company “Viktoria’s Secret”. What does your job involve? Our company deals with a producing clothes line. Our motto is: “We wants to have our cake and eat it”.
The job itself is very demanding but at the same time fulfilling for those who are the people person and have an eye for details. Actually, to meet the requirements of our company and climb the career ladder you should not be afraid of using your own initiative as we have a high level of rivalry.

As for working conditions, it’s a nine-to-five job but sometimes you ought to do shift work. Besides, our employees always have their hands full but they are satisfied with their brilliant career. So, if you want to master new skills, put together your CV and we will be waiting for you!:)